Floyd Mayweather Addresses the Rumours Surrounding Next Fight

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Floyd Mayweather is featured on Fight Hype's 2-part article where he talked about his future boxing plans as well as addressed the rumours surrounding his next fight.

"I got fighters that are so desperate to fight me, they making up fake contracts," said Mayweather. Recently, there have been reports circulating all over different news Web sites claiming that Khan has already signed a contract to fight the undefeated boxer. The British boxer is reportedly only waiting for Mayweather to countersign the alleged fight contract. Mayweather has already clarified the story immediately after the news broke. However, he covertly pointed out that he is not closing his doors to a possible fight against Amir Khan.

"If the Amir Khan fight presents itself, then you know what," said the 36-year-old fighter. "It presents itself," he added. "Amir Khan has a good following, so if it make business sense, then it makes money" said Mayweather. If "The Money Team" foresees that a fight against Khan will reap great numbers, then the British boxer's dream of fighting the best fighter in the world might happen. Khan has always spoken about his interest to fight Mayweather. Who knows, the British boxer's wish might just be granted?

Mayweather also did not hesitate to answer the questions concerning Manny Pacquiao. "Pacquiao had his opportunity, he had his chance," said the five-division world champion. Mayweather claims he offered Pacquiao a $40 million guaranteed purse to fight him. He even personally phoned the Filipino fighter to officially make the offer, but Pacquiao wanted a 50-50 split. Pacquiao chose to fight Juan Manuel Marquez for the fourth time, which earned him his shocking knockout loss.

What pissed Mayweather off is the fact that Pacquiao seems to think that they are on the same level. "If he's on the same level as me, let's see his pay-per-view numbers," said Mayweather. "Let's see his last check," he added.

Another point that has also been fueling Mayweather infuriation about the entire Pacquiao thing is the fact that the Filipino boxer is doing business with Bob Arum. "I don't know what their relationship is, but I'm not doing business with Bob Arum," he said. He even called Arum a coward. As soon as Mayweather left Arum, there was an immediate grumble. Arum has recently came on record stating that he's good friends with him, but Mayweather apparently think otherwise.

Mayweather will be back to fight in the boxing ring on May 3, 2014.


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