Florida Man Loses $80,000 Due to Daughter’s Facebook Post

By @snksounak on

You may have been warned about the terrible things that can happen if you continue to share every tiny detail about your personal life on Facebook. However, you may have never imagined that you may lose $80,000 due to your Facebook post. This is exactly what happened to Patrick Snay, but it is his daughter who should be blamed for it.

The Florida man is a former headmaster who won $80,000 from the school authorities who employed him. He informed his family about the money and his daughter was quick enough to share the news on Facebook. This, however, was considered as a breach of confidentiality agreement between Mr Snay and the Gulliver Preparatory School authorities. As a result, he has been denied of the payment of what he got as a discrimination settlement.

Mr Snay, now 69, won the discrimination settlement against the school authorities after, in 2010, they had refused to renew his contract allegedly due to his age. He also claimed that the decision was retaliation involving his daughter who used to study in the same school at that time, Miami Herald reported. The Third District Court of Appeals, nevertheless, tossed out what he won after fighting over the years.

Mr Snay's daughter posted on Facebook that her parents won the case against the school. Thus, the school was apparently paying for her summer vacation to Europe. She seemingly had to prove a point or two when she exclaimed: "SUCK IT". However, it went against the private settlement the school had with Mr Snay. The confidentiality agreement was violated and Mr Snay should expect to get nothing. Even though Mr Snay's daughter claimed that she had joked about the Europe vacation, Mr Snay lost the appeal.

The court announced the ruling that Mr Snay had done exactly what he was asked not to do. Mr Snay, on the other hand, is still eligible to appeal the court ruling at the Florida Supreme Court.

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