Florida Man Caught on Secret Camera Having Sex with Dog

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A Florida man was caught red-handed on secret camera while having sex with a dog. The female dog involved in the act is an adult German Shepherd called "Angel." Joshua Lee Werbicki had sex with the dog for about 6 times in the past 12 months, according to investigators.

Joshua's roommate is a woman who suspected that he was sexually abusing a child. She found the dog limping and grew concerned regarding the security of the people who lived in the house. Therefore, she placed a secret camera in his room to find out what he was up to. She was shocked to discover that Joshua was actually having sex with a female dog. She took the video to police.

Palm Bay police took Joshua in custody while he was on duty at a restaurant at Papa John. He works at the Minton Road restaurant as a delivery-boy. He was charged for having sex with the "family pet" repeatedly, police documents revealed.

The charges were brought against Joshua based on the video and an interview with him. He was charged for animal cruelty. At the same time, it is also being investigated whether the woman's concerns regarding the child in the house, suspected to be abused, were true. Animal cruelty happens to be a felony crime. Having sex with an animal is, however, termed as a misdemeanour.

Brevard County Animal Services Sergeant Michael Healy told Florida Today that there were possibilities that Joshua would be prohibited from owning an animal or living with one in future. Joshua was held in Brevard County Jail on a bond worth $2,500. According to Florida Today, Angel - the victimised animal - was in the custody of the woman roommate of Joshua.

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