Flight MH370 Conspiracy Theories : What May Have Occured From Alien Abduction to Bermuda Triangle

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After Malaysia airline MH370 has gone missing, various conspiracy theories have surfaced. Let's take a look at these various theories.

Aliens abducted MH370. The mysterious events, which led to loss of Malaysian Airline Boeing 777, have led to theories that aliens may have abducted the flight.

According to a survey conducted by Reason.com, 5 percent of the Americans thought aliens took over the flight. People have also written in their blogs that there have been recent UFO sightings in Malaysia Sky, which was a proof for ET intervention.

The Bermuda Triangle theory. This was another theory which wheeled out. Theorists, including the Malaysian Prime Minister believed the plane disappeared somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle. It was cited the plane was found at the opposite side of the globe. But soon Sunday Times refuted the theory by saying the opposite side of the Globe is Caribbean and not Bermuda Triangle.

Terrorists involvement. One of the most powerful theories, which came to fore was involvement of a terrorist group The reports suggested one of the passengers who boarded the flight had a fake identity, which led people to believe that terrorists were involved.

A weapon made the flight disappear. Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com wrote that the plane's disappearance shows that "some entirely new, mysterious and powerful force is at work on our planet which can pluck airplanes out of the sky without leaving behind even a shred of evidence."

Adam even wrote that if such weapon exists then whoever controls that weapon has the power to rule the Earth.

Flight buried deep in Indian Ocean. Reports suggested the search teams got two signals which led to speculations that MH370 is somewhere near Australian city of Perth.

So here is the round up of all the conspiracy theories involving MH370. Let us know your take.

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