'The Flash' Spoilers: The General vs. Plastique, Episode 5 Casts New Character

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IN PHOTO: Cast Member Grant Gustin Attends A Panel For The CW Television Series 'The Flash.'
IN PHOTO: Cast member Grant Gustin attends a panel for The CW television series "The Flash" during the Television Critics Association Cable Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California July 18, 2014. Reuters

"The Flash" will bring in "The General" and he's tasked to take on one of the villains bound to create havoc in the first season of the show.

THR reports General Wade Eiling aka "The General" has been added to one of the new characters in the show. Clancy Brown of "Sleepy Hollow" has landed the role and he is set to appear in episode 5 of the CW drama.

Brown will portray the role of the head of a black ops team that is tasked to hunt down Bette Sans Souci aka "Plastique." His character in the show, according to THR, is described as tall and menacing, with a "face carved from years of duty." He also has a fervent fascination with "protecting the American interests around the world."

According to Screenrant, in the comics Eiling became The General after he learned that he has a terminal brain tumor. Not wanting to lose his memory, he transferred his mind into the body of the "Shaggy Man." Then he shaves off all the hairs on his body and starts to call himself as The General.

It's uncertain if "The Flash" will feature this background story upon The General's appearance. However, Screenrant suggests it could be highlighted in the later part of the show since General Wade Eiling will have a recurring role in the series.

The General's presence on the show will mean trouble for the villain Plastique (played by Kelly Frye). According to Screenrant there are two reasons why the villain is being hunted down. Aside from being a terrorist Plastique also has the power to create explosive energy. Eiling may want to apprehend her so to prevent her from creating massive destruction with her powers. On the other hand, he may want to make her his ally. THR adds Eiling is hunting down Plastique so he could use her as a powerful human weapon.

The General is the latest character addition to "The Flash" including "Captain Cold" (Wentworth Miller), "Firestorm" (Robbie Amell) , Plastique and Girder.

"The Flash" premieres on Oct. 7 at its slated 8:00 p.m. time slot on the CW channel.

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