The Flash Season 1 Casting: Robbie Amell Joins Stephen Amell in DC Comics Universe as [SPOILERS]

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Robbie Amell gets a new job on "The Flash" Season 1, placing him and his new character in the same universe as his cousin Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen.

"The Flash" Season 1 premieres on The CW later this year. The origin of this DC Comics inspired series was seen in "Arrow," which is in the same universe and network.

Robbie Amell played the lead role of Stephen Jameson in "The Tomorrow People," but the series did not get a second season. It used to air back-to-back Wednesdays on The CW, which promoted the programming as #AmellWednesdays.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains some spoilers on The Flash Season 1, which premieres on The CW later this year.

The last time "Arrow" viewers heard about Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), he remains unconscious, comatose in a Central City hospital after a lightning struck him in his lab. Barry and Arrow's Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) have something romantic going on, and Oliver Queen has seemed jealous once or twice because of the budding romance.

The Flash pilot episode has been reportedly leaked online, and rumours say it was a deliberate move by The CW to hype up the new series. The lead actor, Grant Gustin, had a recurring role in FOX's Glee as Sebastian Smythe.

Robbie Amell is playing the role of Firestorm in The Flash Season 1. His character debuts in Episode 3, according to reports.

"In the DC Comics mythology, Raymond is a man who bonds with another to form the nuclear powered super hero, Firestorm," reported.

"I'm so excited to join forces with Greg Berlanti and The CW again on The Flash," Robbie Amell was quoted in this Entertainment Weeky report. Amell said portraying a character "in the DC Universe [was] a dream."

WATCH: The Flash Season 1 Trailer | The CW Promo Video on YouTube

The Flash Season 1 premiere airs on The CW on Oct. 7, according to this report on From the published air date and schedule, it will be airing back-to-back with "Supernatural" Season 10.

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