Flappy Bird's Unputdownable Successor 'Swing Copters' In The Offing; Release Date Confirmed For Aug 21 [Watch Video]

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Dong Nguyen created Flappy Bird as a mobile gaming app in his free time after work. The app was launched in May 2013, however within 7 months the app attracted unbelievable traction across the globe. Flappy Bird is easily one of the brutally tough and frustrating gaming apps ever created. However, we now have information about the successor of Flappy Bird dubbed Swing Copters. The killer Swing Copters game will be released on Aug. 21.

In the hindsight, Flappy Bird was considered as one of the top gaming apps. Dong reportedly amassed a thumping $50,000 per day only from advertisements. However, he removed the app from the app stores in Feb. 2014 owing to the fact that he could not deal with the mounting pressure. As Dong reminisced, "Flabby Bird ruined his simple life."

In the same way, the upcoming Swing Copters will capture the attention of the players/users like never before and the game will be tougher than the Flappy Bird. The main player/character will be a little dude with a propeller on the head. Swing Copters app expects the player to tap the screen in order to fly to a particular position. The way the player taps changes the flight direction, says TouchArcade.

The crux of the Swing Copters game is to be able to fly over many gates and reach higher position. In many ways the game sounds like the predecessor Flappy Bird, however the player has to traverse higher instead of navigating side ways.

Out of brutal honesty, Swing Copters will be very difficult to navigate and passing through the gates would get tricky at every passing level, says the same site. If this is not difficult enough, hammers will be swinging across the game area to up the difficulty. Ultimately, the player has to control the little dude's (with a propeller on his head) flight in such a way that he goes higher at the same time he should not get hit by one of the swinging hammers floating around. Hence Swing Copters game has lots of scope for frustration and addiction.

Similar to Flappy Bird, once the player learns the nuances of the game and sees a bit of progress, the game becomes unstoppable and unputdownable.This gaming app will be available as a free download. However, interested readers can opt for an optional $0.99 in-app purchase to get rid of the spoiler advertisements.

Readers should check out this short video clip explaining the gameplay of Swing Copters. [Source: YouTube Channel - TouchArcade]

Are you game for Flappy Bird sequel? What do you think of Swing Copters? Feel free to leave a comment.

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