Flappy Birds High Score Cheat or Hacking Tool for Desperate Android and iOS Gamers

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Flappy Birds is now the new addictive game invading Android and iOS devices. High score is the main objective by surviving the bird against pipes but doing this can be very frustrating. In case tips are not enough and desperation knocks, here are the hacking tools for Android and iOS to achieve high score easily.

Tips Aren't Enough?

There are at least ten usable tips to play Flappy Birds to increase patients, familiarisation and putting balance on frustrations after every failure. But in act of desperation, some gamers just can't ignore the temptation of hacking tools to get high scores for bragging rights. Below are the hacking tools used for Android and iOS devices for getting high scores on Flappy Birds.

Warning: We are not responsible for any damages or errors which occur on your device or on the game itself. Moreover, hacking tools may remove all the excitement and render boredom after easy achievements of high scores. Do this at your own risk.

Android Hacking Tool

1.      You need to gain root access over your Android device before any hacking tool can be used.

2.      Install an app called Root Explorer from the Play Store.

3.      Install ES File Explorer File Manager app from the Play Store as well.

4.      If Flappy Birds is installed on your device, uninstall then reinstall it afterwards for a clean copy.

5.      Enabled Root Explorer app you've downloaded earlier.

6.      Launch the ES File Explorer File Manager then select Tools.

7.      Go to the root file directory "/device".

8.      Select the "data" folder then select the "data" folder inside the first one.

9.      Look for the folder for Flappy Birds app. You need search it my typing "flappy" then open it.

10.  Open the "shared_prefs" and "FlappyBird.xml".

11.  Now select the ES Note Editor when prompted then click on edit located at the upper left part.

12.  Change the score value of whatever number you wish to be the high score for your Flappy Bird!

iOS Hacking Tool

Hacking tool for iOS devices to get high scores DOES NOT require any jailbreaking methods.

1.      Double check if Flappy Birds app isn't open or running in the background.

2.      Download iExplorer for your device via Windows PC or Mac.

3.      You need to download one of the following modified "atlas.txt" files:

a.      For passing through pipes: http://cl.ly/TdsF/download/atlas.txt

b.      Change pipes into little lines: http://cl.ly/TdJy/download/atlas.txt

4.      Launch the iExplorer on your devices. You can buy it or simply continue with demo.

5.      Now connect your iOS device to your computer then change the icon view to thumbnail mode.

6.      Go back to your iExplorer then look for your apps for "flap.app" then open it.

7.      Drag the new "atlast.txt" file which you've downloaded earlier into the iExplorer screen with all the other thumbnails.

8.      Replace the file once prompted and then play the game!

For detailed instructions with screenshots, visit iDigitalTimes for Android and iOS hacking tool guides.

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