Flappy Birds 10 Important Tips for Players Getting Frustrated to Achieve High Scores

By @Seju_Juni on

Flappy Birds is a newcomer from Hanoi and now becomes an addictive game as if to replace Angry Birds. Main objective is to fly a bird without hitting any pipes but getting high scores is the most challenging in the game. Here are the tips you need to know to achieve great scores without any cheat engine needed.

1.      Relax and Patience Since the game is still new and sometimes buggy, you are likely to fail at times even if you didn't touch any pipes. Be patient and relax if there are some frustrations - no games are ultimately perfect.

2.      Learning Curve Don't keep the frustrations on every round or every time you fail to achieve high scores. Keep your mind at ease and watch out carefully in order to observe how the game flows and where the bug actually comes in.

3.      Have Break, Have a KitKat Don't take the game too seriously! It is a puzzle game with great sense on putting stress for addictive gamers. Take breaks or intervals to free your mind with frustrations and refreshes your mood on taking another round of action.

4.      Light feather Bugs may attack to end the game quickly or anger can make you touch the screen too hard. Just be nimble and lightly tap the screen with fast fingers to get instant movements and less losses.

5.      Follow the Bouncing Bird Dipping down is much harder to control than rising up to pass through. Stay with the rhythm on which parts are effective with rise up or dip down - keep it in your mind.

6.      Eyes on the Prize Each set of points represents some rewards and making it your goal could inspire you. Bronze medal goes for 10 points, Silver medal for 20 wins while Gold medal is awarded for 30 wins.

7.      Accessories Down Make sure that the screen display is totally free of accessories such as cases or covers which may affect your tap. It could also be the reasons of some bug-like occurrence during the gameplay.

8.      Bigger is Better On this type of game, bigger screen means a lot for movement and resolution clarity. You can easily see and point to which part you want to tap using larger screen displays.

9.      Perseverance Just like Angry Birds, giving up won't let you achieve any winnings. You need to be determined and persevere enough in order to get respective medals and high scores. Winners don't quit, quitters don't win.

10.  Don't Forget What Was Told Remind yourself will all given above, learn the game mechanics, memorise which things are better, take some breaks and try playing it on larger displays. Don't forget too that frustrations and mood swings can occur after each loss so you need to remind yourself not to dwell too much about it, after all it is only a game - not a matter of life and death.

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