Flappy Bird For Windows Phone Coming This Month

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You've probably heard of the game "Flappy Bird" if you are still not addicted to it. It is undoubtedly the most popular game in iOS and Android nowadays.

After topping the charts on iOS in the previous month, Flappy Bird, the viral mobile game sensation, is making a big impression on Android after the late-January launch. But the question now is that when is Flappy Bird for Windows Phone platform coming? Will it arrive sometime this month?

The formerly unpopular game was developed by "passionate indie game maker" Doug Nguyen with Vietnam-based developer. According to the developer of Flappy Bird, the game will soon arrive on the Windows Phone handsets.

A tweet reply to one of his fans in Twitter said, "I could estimate 10 days from now. It has to be approved by Microsoft." Basically, the post confirmed that Flappy Bird for Windows Phone will arrive soon.

What Is the Flappy Bird?

The new retro arcade-style app Flappy Bird has already become the rage for both Android and iOS platforms. The game has got many wondering what is the hype all about as it topped the App Store top free apps in the U.S. It has spent most of the month among the top charts. The popularity of the Flappy Bird has been manifested by players having been posting screenshots of their scores all over the social networking Web sites.

The popularity of the game has been linked with its difficulty. Players are challenged to set a high-score on a global leaderboard with only one life. Also, there are no in-app purchases that make the Flappy Bird more challenging.

Players get a point for every pipe they fly through and medals for every 10 points from bronze all the way up to platinum. Currently, according to the leaderboard, there are more than 18 million players of Flappy Bird.

According to the developer, Flappy Bird is easier on Android than iOS. Flappy Bird was first introduced in May 2013 on the iTunes App Store. It only topped the free category in January 2014.

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