Flappy Bird Triggered Mass Suicide on Twitter

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The insanely popular smartphone app Flappy Bird is the center of countless controversies that Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen threatened to pull out the game just to put all scepticism and rumors to rest. But his threat did not seemed to work but instead it sparked an outrage of Flappy Birds users threatening him not to pull out the game or there will be a mass suicide.

Now a pop culture phenomenon, Flappy Bird's Dong Nguyen is one popular guy nowadays and his simple game is currently dominating the app stores in major countries. If you haven't heard about Flappy Bird then you are clearly living under a rock. People who doesn't have smartphones are buying one now just play the insanely addictive game.

The news about Dong cutting the craziness over Flappy Bird started when news about a teen from Chicago killed his brother over the game which turned out to be a joke. But the controversies did not end there, after the developer's threat huzlers.com also published another hoax about Nguyen committing suicide.

The news reads: "SAN FRANCISCO - Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen has just been found dead in his home with a gunshot wound in his head. Authorities are confirming that Nguyen committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a pistol. Authorities are saying that the sensational game Flappy Bird had something to do with the suicide."

The overwhelming popularity of the game is just too much for him that on Saturday, Feb. 8 he shocked everyone when he tweeted "I am sorry Flappy Bird users, 22 hours from now, I take "Flappy Bird" down. I cannot take this anymore."

The shy Hanoi-based developer started cancelling interview and staying away from the video due to the overwhelming response to his app. But it seems that his decision to pull out the game from the app stores sparks a lot of controversies knowing that the game is earning US$50, 000 a day from advertising alone.

MikesiOSHelp (MikeiOSHelp) tweeted, "I guess @dongatory didn't like making $50,000 a day from ads in Flappy Bird. You sir, must be under the influence of drugs. Idiot."

While MonsieurApple (@Monsieur_Apple) thinks that it's only a publicity stunt. He tweeted: "If you ask me, the Flappy Bird guy @dongatory is a marketing genius. Silly tweet goes viral, gains 50k followers, grows his name. Genius."

Here are some of Twitter death threats:

welp, @welpcomma - @dongatory you're a clown. kill yourself.

lais @whyneville - @dongatory dude i'll kill you dont do this

Yin † @LemonMeowy - @dongatory No. Just. No. Even my highscore is 2, no, just, no, I'm gonna kill you.

Nicole McCarthy @ccstars27 - @dongatory if you delete flappy bird I will literally kill myself. It's my drug and I am so addicted!! PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS TO MEEE PLEASEE

ToBeOner!❤️ @KenisMarice - @dongatory i'm gonnna kill myself if you take flappy bird down :'(

Naor Daniel @Deraifus - @dongatory YOURE A F*CKING P*SSY!!! And this game sucks anyway. But you're still a p*ssy. Kill yourself.

#DaniNoeGiveaway @Anais_Inna - @dongatory I think someone will kill you idk just saying

kyle jake moore @kylejakemoore - @dongatory I will kill you m*ther f*cker

jorgeflores @jorgeknowsbest - @dongatory If you delete flappy birds. I will kill myself. I live for flappy bird.i want more updates. @krystallite87

Emma Watson @AMlRAH - i really wanna kill you but nevermind @dongatory

stay in my backpack @zinebxo - @dongatory i'm gonna kill you that game is a part of my life know

HURRY UP MICHAEL @alyssaluvs1dD - @dongatory @pewdiepie NO ONLY 1 HOUR I WILL KILL YOU IF U TAKE IT DOWN

isthatheartbeat @TeAmoJessie - @dongatory i'll find you and i'll kill you

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