Flappy Bird Online: Play Smartphone Version From Three Different Web Sites On Your Computer Or Mac

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Flappy Birds may have been decommissioned from the App Store and Play Store. But those who want to try out or even continue playing the game, several online versions are available using a Windows computer or Mac.

Online Flappy Birds

FlapMMO.com is a Web site allowing a player to join other 999 Flappy Bird gamers worldwide using the Internet. It features real-time view of other players and can be played by simply using the keyboard.

But the Massively Multiplayer Online game version of Flappy Bird can be very distracting as you'll see hundreds of birds flying across the screen that may actually affect your concentration.

If you prefer to play the original game again but cannot download it on your Android or Apple device, there are three available Web sites for you.

1.  FlappyBird.com - relatively fast loading online solo version of the original game and views fine with current laptops having landscape display screen.

2.  FlappyBirds.com - another solo online game version that initially loads slowly but unlike the first site, this one appears a little smaller on the screen.

3.  FlappyBird.io - zoomed out solo online version but for some reason sounds aren't playing along.

Flappy Bird Duplicates

In the App Store and Play Store, several third-party developers have made Flappy Bird available which are very close to the original while others are modified. But experts on malicious ware warned Android gamers on downloading such app for most of these available versions have embedded malware programs that can infect the device's system which may lead to damage overtime.


Flappy Bird original developer recently removed the game from App Store and Play Store after it "couldn't take it anymore" but Nguyen Ha Dong didn't specify that time why he decided to take it down.

Dong was inspired by Nintendo's childhood favorite Mario Brothers in developing Flappy Bird as both games have very similar graphics. He gained an average of $50,000 daily from advertisers due to the game's intense popularity by having more than 50 million times of downloads and more than half a million online reviews.

Even if he singlehandedly created the game in a few nights contrast to other popular bird games such as Rovio's Angry Birds, Dong was alone in case serious legal issues that may occur that would make his position difficult according to an opinion of one gaming company manager.

 "Dong is taking one step back to avoid legal risk because it's too difficult to deal with legal issues himself if it happens," Duy Doan, senior manager at VTC,  said online as quoted by The Guardian.

Flappy Bird is a hit game bringing unpredictable cashflow but may not reoccur unlike games with future developments. Dong can still create mini games which we can expect in the near future.

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