Flappy Bird Now Comes in New Version: Flappy Bird - Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball' Edition, See How [VIDEO]

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Flappy Bird is one game which has taken the world by storm and bid goodbye because of the sheer fact that it became popular. After the original Flappy Bird was removed by the creator from both the iOS and Android app stores, a new version of Flappy Bird became available now and it's called Flappy Bird - Miley Cyrus Edition! Let's give you some details.

Everyone is unsure if Miley Cyrus has ever played the most popular and addictive game of Flappy Bird yet but there is a video available of YouTube which shows the singer can "help" the Flappy Bird game addicts to reach the high score. Before you start running your imagination's horses in different direction, let's get the facts straight that this is just for fun. One YouTube user by the name of joeVFX has uploaded a hilarious video on the site which shows the animated version of game. The name of the video is "Flappy Bird with a little help from Miley!" and once you start viewing the video, you realize what the whole "help" is for.

The video starts in the same very way as Flappy Bird game starts. The bird is seen there on the screen and then someone starts playing the game and the bird of the game falls to the ground because the user did not "flap" on time. Bang comes an animated semi-naked Miley Cyrus sitting atop her infamous "Wrecking Ball" and with a speed of light she demolished the green castles of the game in one go! What a help the singer did in the game!

Another YouTube user Hungry Production too has created a Miley Cyrus' song "Wrecking Ball" song in the version of Flappy Bird. This one is relatively simple and has the bird from the game singing Miley's hit number in an animated voice.

These are not new versions of game and Miley is not directly involved in "Flappy Bird." It's just a spoof of both Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" and most popular and controversial game of today Flappy Bird. Watch the video below and have a laugh!

Credit: youtube.com/joewVFX

Credit: youtube.com/hungryProductions

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