'Flappy Bird' on 'Minecraft'; 4J Studios Teases PS4 and PS3 Screenshot Comparison; 'Minecraft' Snapshot 14w06b Detailed

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"Flappy Bird" is taking gamers by storm with its challenging rapid motion and constant challenges in a new kind of endless runner series. It has also soared through the charts as creator Dong Nguyen reaps the benefits and profits of the sudden popularity.

Now, "Flappy Bird" landing on "Minecraft" has become really poplular and features a different take on the game with all its 3-D and blocky goodness.

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Kotaku has spotted a video showing off the new "Flappy Bird" mod, which has randomised levels shown in 3-D style.

"The unexplainable popular mobile game, Flappy Bird, recreated in Minecraft. I find it less frustrating to play than the mobile version. Game play is slightly different. Instead of tapping a screen you can tap your jump key until it breaks," said codecrafted, the developer behind the mod.

Gamers can download the "Flappy Bird" mod over at Planet Minecraft, but they have to make sure to download the latest snapshot, as per the developer.

A Look at the PS4 Version of 'Minecraft'

For what it's worth, Mojang and 4J Studios have worked hard to ensure that its fans are up to date with what's happening in their "MInecraft" projects.

But gamers have to give it to 4J Studios---the game developer really have a creative way of showing its work. Last time, the Xbox One vs. Xbox 360 snapshots were revealed while showing off some Mooshroom plushies. This time, two plushie pig toys are being shown off, but in reality, its background are two screens featuring two different screenshots.

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But this time, unlike the first set of screenshots wherein its fans over at Twitter have been the ones to determine which screenshot is for which version, 4J Studios has already determined that the top screenshot is for the PS4 while the bottom is the PS3.

What's more, those who are asking if the features that will be seen in the PS3 and PS4 will also be seen in the Xbox One and Xbox 360, 4J Studios also has an answer for it:

New Snapshot Released by Mojang

And just like that, another Minecraft snapshot 14w06b has been released, which came very hot on the heels of 14w06a.

For this new snapshot, there is a long list of fixed bugs, including plants that don't cause updates when the block under it is broken or when light level is changed, game crashes when breaking blocks and crashes when clicking on a previous 1.8 snapshot.

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There are also some changes for survival, particularly for the mob AI, a lot of which have changed. Map makers can also expect a number of changes, such as the optional hotkey for showing outlines on players while on spectator mode, the ability to reset a single score on a player via the scoreboard, new objective criteria for team-specific kills, added data tag to hide parts of the tooltip and more.

Gamers can access the "Minecraft" snapshot 14w06b in the link above as well as the full set of bug fixes and additions. As usual, gamers can still report bugs that they find to Mojang, also at the link above.

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