Flappy Bird May Return in August; Nguyen Teases a 'New Game'

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Nguyen, the famous Flappy Bird developer, recently told CNBC the mobile game app will make its return in August as a multiplayer game.

The developer claimed via CNBC's Kelly Evans that he'd rather have players spend time doing productive things rather than attempting to guide a bird though pipes to reach a higher score. According to the report, Nguyen purportedly revealed the next generation Flappy Bird will be "less addictive" relative to its habit-forming predecessor.

Flappy Bird was launched in the iTunes App Store in May 2013 and in the Google Play Store in January 2014 topping the charts since then. The game speedily rose into sudden fame with more than 50 million downloads. But the obsessive nature of the Flappy Bird prompted Nguyen to cut it off and remove it from the App Store in February.

Recently, Nguyen teased fans with a new game and showed off on his Twitter feed. He revealed an image of a boy jumping between buildings and although there is no bird going through tubes, it is not hard to tell that he is going to the same direction. But there are no given details yet.

Flappy Bird 2.0

The Flappy Bird 2.0 will be free for iOS and Android but it might include in-app purchases to cut the amount of time spent every game. Similar to Candy Crush saga, the game app is free to download but in-game items require payment. For the frugal players, this will be an effective way to cut playing time of the maddening flapping and eventually making the game less addictive.

According to the CNBC report, Nguyen will make the upcoming Flappy Bird mobile gaming app a multiplayer game. This means instead of playing the game in every change players get, the Flappy Bird 2.0 might need an opponent to play.

The original Flappy Bird mobile gaming app allowed players to play for hours and days if they wish to. The new Flappy Bird might include a reminder to alert players similar to the Rest Reminder of the addictive game Piano Titles, which allows users to set an alert to take a break after a certain period playing the game.

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