Flappy Bird Invincibility Or Never Die Mod Applied On iOS Gamers; Android Users May Replicate the Same Method

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Addiction on Flappy Birds can lead to intense frustrations over loses and make you spend enormous time to get a high score. If tips and tricks including high-score cheating hacks still don't work, here is an invincibility buff to make your bird fly across the sky to bring home the high score.

For Patient Players

Several tips have been shared for Flappy Birds to survive pipelines in the way, how to become patient overtime and help out the learning curve needed for using special moves. Before you go to any cheating tools, check out the Flappy Birds 10 Important Tips for Players Getting Frustrated to Achieve High Scores.

Becoming Desperate

For players who started to get desperate in achieving high scores, hacking tools for Android and iOS have been made to make achievement and bragging rights easier. Android players will require root access to enable these tools but iOS users don't need to jailbreak their devices to use them. Check out the Flappy Birds High Score Cheat or Hacking Tool for Desperate Android and iOS Gamers.

Divine Intervention

If tips for patience and learning and hacking tool isn't enough to make it any easier, an invincibility mode has been found possible to keep your Flappy Bird alive throughout the entire game. But this condition also applies so you won't lose the invincibility buff on your flying friend.

Warning: We are not responsible for any errors which may occur in your device. Wrong editing system or apps files may cause system issues. Do this at your own risk.


1.   iOS devices support the mod but Android users may also try it by following the similar process.

2.   You need to jailbreak your device using this mode.

3.  Download the iFile app from iTunes for your device.

4.  Install Flappy Birds app.

Making the Bird Invincible

1.  Launch the game but don't press the Start option.

2.  Press the Home button.

3.  Now launch the iFile app you've downloaded earlier.

4.  Scroll down the iFile app then select a folder named "var".

5.   Inside the "var folder, scroll down to find "mobile" folder then select it.

6.   Now select "Applications" folder inside the "mobile" folder.

7.   You need to look for "Flappy Bird" folder but you may see various folders which can be an eyesore. Press the Settings > File Manager > Turn on Application Names to filter out other files.

8.   Inside the "Flappy Bird" folder, select "Flap.app" folder then select "altas.txt" file.

9.   Use the Text Viewer option instead of Drive to open the details.

10. You'll see lots of text inside the file but you simply need to scroll down till you find "pipe_down" and "pipe_up" lines from the texts.

11.  Pipe_down and pipe_up lines will have numerals beside them which you need to edit.

       a.   Set edit the number after "pipe_down 52" to "0."

       b.   Set edit the number after "pipe_up 52" to "0."

12.  After you've edited the numbers, save the text document file.

13.  Now close the iFile and the Flappy Bird apps.

14.  Re-launch Flappy Bird and this time you'll see no pipes blocking you way. But you need to make sure that you fly your bird to the highest point to avoid death to attain highest score for as long as you can keep tapping the screen.

Android file managers with document viewing capabilities may also do this by simply editing the same "atlas.txt." You may also view the YouTube version for more visual guidelines of the mod.

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