Flappy Bird: How To Reinstall the Game On Android And iOS Devices Without Rooting Or Jailbreaking

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Flappy Bird gamers wonder where to get or how to bring back the lost game recently pulled off from App Store and Google Play Store. Apple's iCloud and open source trait of Android are easy ways to reinstall Flappy Bird back in your device.

Flappy Bird Removal

Flappy Bird Developer Dong Nguyen removed the game from the App Store and Play Store because of the significant changes in his life. According to an interview with Forbes grabbed by Redmond Pie, Nguyen elaborated uncomfortable life compared to his former peace before Flappy Bird was released and even made him unable to sleep properly.

How To Reinstall In iOS Devices

Generally, if you haven't downloaded Flappy Bird in any iOS devices, there is no way to bring it back unless you find a jailbreaking procedure with Flappy Bird pre-installed. But if you have history in playing the game in your iPhone or iPad, then you may reinstall the game back in your device.

1.  Use the iCloud feature in the App Store using your iOS device.

2.  Browse through all your existing app purchases whether free or paid then look for Flappy Bird.

3.  Tap the cloud button to get options.

4.  Install Flappy Bird in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

5.  You may also ask one of your friends to log you in and let you download the title from his account.

How To Reinstall In Android Device

Since Android features open source trait that allows users to install various apps and games using Android Application Package file or APK installer separately from Play Store.

1.  Launch a browser using your computer or mobile device.

2.  Open any search engines such as Bing, Google or Yahoo.

3.   Key-in in the search bar Flappy Bird APK to find sources online.

4.   Once you've check everything, download the APK which won't be that big in size.

5.   If you used your computer, transfer the APK file in your mobile device via Bluetooth or USB connection.

6.   In your mobile device, launch any file manager app then search for the downloaded APK.

7.  Install the APK file to get Flappy Bird. You must check the "unknown source" installation rule to allow the process to take place.

For Android manual installation, it is recommended to use a computer or laptop to help the built-in antivirus to block threats as you may encounter malware from different sources. Many Web sites may pose Flappy Bird but instead giving you other things such as viruses. Just be careful in the site and always check reviews to get reliable sources.

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