Flappy Bird Game Not Dead Yet: Can Be Played Online With Others

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Flappy Bird is not dead yet. The Vietnamese creator of the game might have pulled it out from virtual stores but the fans of the most talked about game can still play Flappy Bird online, with 1,000 other people. Best part is, you can compare your individual score to other lovers of Flappy Bird too.

Flappy Bird is available at flapmmo.com - a massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming website which allows close to 1,000 people to play the game virtually. The site offers a real-time view of how everyone else is doing at the scores department, The Guardian is reporting adding that this MMO version is far more difficult that the original game.

"The online game appears to be much more difficult than the original version for smart phones as large number of players struggle to make it past the first three pipes," the Web site reports adding the author of the story could barely manage to flap past the sixth pipe on the online version while he could go past 44 pipes on his phone.

So there is no need to spend your hard earned money buying the cell phones on eBay which come with the installed game. You can simply log on the site flapmmo.com and play Flappy Bird along with your friends, to your heart's content.

The creator of the game took it citing a unique reason that the whopping success was "too much for him" to handle and it is very addictive.  However, the craze for the game continues and several other developers have launched various games on similar lines.

More recently, Sesame Street has launched its own take on the Flappy Bird and has called it Flappy Bert. You can play the Flash game on the Sesame Workshop website and it has same old pipes and score mechanism. American rock band Fall Out Boy also created a game on similar theme and it is called Fall Out Bird.

 Are you still missing Flappy Bird?

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