Flappy Bird on Fire Again with Family Multiplayer But Only with Amazon Fire TV, Addictiveness Now Toned Down

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When "Flappy Bird" was removed in all app stores, there were mixed receptions to the news. Some were delighted by the fact that the addictive fad is finally gone, while others tried to find other ways by which they can continue playing the game.

In fact, the removal of "Flappy Bird" even introduced a myriad of copycats and rip-offs, some of which managed to stay in the charts in light of being the filler of the gap that "Flappy Bird" supposedly made.

Those who have managed to continue playing the game or even found a good alternative, they will be happy to know that "Flappy Bird" is making a comeback, for better or for worse. And this time, it will be featuring a multiplayer aspect to it.

But what separates "Flappy Birds Family" from its predecessor is the lack of an alarmingly addictiveness to it. According to GameSpot, Nguyen had stated back in May that the new version he is making will not be as addictive as the first. This was after he made the surprising move of removing "Flappy Bird" from both iTunes and the Google Play Store, much to the mixed display of joy and frustration of fans.

"Flappy Birds Family," when compared to "Flappy Bird," is no longer as addictive as the first, according to the report. The fact that it has been almost half a year since the first game was removed could have helped some people move on from the phenomenon much faster than had it continued to be in app stores.

The Multiplayer Component: Good or Bad Move?

"Flappy Bird" creator Dong Nguyen did tease way back after "Flappy Bird" was taken down that the game will come back in August.

The new version, called "Flappy Birds Family," has a PvP mode, and the challenges have increased from merely the green pipes to even more obstacles that you need to dodge or fly over.

The catch here is that you can only play "Flappy Birds Family" via the Amazon Fire TV. Speculations now abound as to why this is so. The Verge reports that the seeming exclusivity to Amazon may mean that Nguyen had a deal with Amazon. This is heavily suggested by the fact that the game is still free but no longer has any ads within the game.

There's still no news as to whether "Flappy Birds Family" will be made available to the iOS and Android devices. The Verge has also tested downloading the game to an Android phone, but an install isn't possible despite being available on the Android Store.

"Flappy Birds Family" gameplay trailer (via YouTube/Flappy Birds Family)

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