'Flappy Bird' to Drop 'Name,' Apple a Spoilsport?

Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird might return

A couple of weeks back, an article claimed Flappy Bird CEO Dong Nguyen might bring the app back to App Store.

Recently, Nguyen replied in the affirmative to a question asked by one of the Twitter users about the app's return. He said Flappy Bird will be back but not soon enough.

He quoted the moral responsibility as one of the reasons for taking the addictive and popular app down from the App Store. He also attributed addiction to be the other reason.  

According to Business Insider, Nguyen made $50,000 per day in advertising revenues from his app. He also quoted that the popularity and all that attention he earned were causing him stress.

In the wake of the game going kaput, die-hard fans did not mind shelling out whopping $8,000 for a 16 GB iPad Mini because these devices come with the game pre-loaded.

Nguyen gave an interview to Rolling Stone that unwrapped the true reasons and his plan to get the app back to app stores. Also, the recent twitter conversation further confirmed the point already made.

Will Apple Play Spoilsport?

According to Venture Beat, Apple's rules (terms of service) denote that Nguyen relinquished his rights to the popular and addictive app Flappy Bird when he removed the app from the app store.

Utilizing the opportunity, Mobile Media Partners seized the name "Flappy Bird" and has a pending trademark on the name, Business Insider claimed.

With Nguyen taking a U-turn of his stand on the resurrection of the app, one cannot help but question if his case might be considered as an exception and Apple might allow him to host his app with the same name once again.

Over a million people used Flappy Bird daily. Flappy Bird was downloaded 10 million times in the past 22 hours after Nguyen shared to the world that he is taking the app down via Twitter.

That is how addictive and popular the game was and there are umpteen knockoffs that cropped up after Flappy Bird's demise and are available in the app store.

Even if the "name" problem never gets resolved, Nguyen can still opt for a different name and sell the app. 

New Games

Nguyen, 28, who is also a chain smoker and a whizkid is busy designing new gaming apps. Here is a glimpse of what can be expected from Nguyen in the near future:

1. Kitty Jetpack - vertical flying game

2. Checkonaut - chess game

3. 'Untitled' - cowboy themed shooter game

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