Flappy Bird Comeback: 3 Top Reasons Developer Should Restore Game Back In App Store And Play Store

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Flappy Bird developer may have taken down with good reasons. But we don't know for sure if change of mind could occur at any time. Flappy Bird brought massive income to its creators and so there are three possible reasons that a game comeback may occur sooner or later.

Massive Income

Verge claimed Flappy Bird's difficult game survival mechanic made it an instant cash flow for the Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen. As the game sits on the App Store and Google Play Store, Dong Nguyen gets an average cash flow of $50,000 daily due to inside-based advertisements.

Due to the implication of several  downloads, ads are enticed on putting their plugins on one of the most popular games for mobile in history. More ads bring more income to any game developer.

Millions Of Downloads

No one can deny Flappy Birds has been downloaded over 50 million times from the App Store and probably almost the same from the Google Play Store making it so popular. Also, the game got more than 47,000 accumulated App Store reviews like Evernote and Gmail. Unlike with most games, Flappy Bird is relatively simple which made coding very easy.

Simplicity Is the Key

Flappy Bird is very simple from game mechanics to graphics making it an instant hit. It features close graphics rendering Mario brothers and players will only need to survive pipelines by avoiding them by tapping the screen.

Since the game is new, some areas could be buggy. But based on reviews players should play Flappy Bird on devices with bigger screens such as phablets or tablets to better see the details on better chances of avoiding obstacles.

Also, Flappy Bird has only one left, no other bird options unlike Angry Birds and not much additional effects like bombs or too complex power ups for avoiding pipes. The game is easier to improve and maintain which makes it also playable to various OS platforms and devices regardless if old or new.

Flappy Bird is very addictive and frustrating which led to multiple controversies such as a boy from Chicago who got killed by his own brother due to high score comparison. The developer couldn't take the game's existence anymore and taken it down from the App Store and Google Play Store around Feb. 9 after his Twitter on Saturday, Feb. 8.

But again, we may see a comeback once all has calmed down. For now, players can experience the game by downloading options which replicated and improved the original Flappy Bird.

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