Flappy Bird Clones: Flappy Wings, Flappy Bird Flyer, Fluffy vs. Flappy Birds And Other Similar Games You Can Download

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As soon as Don Nguyen, "Flappy Bird" developer, has vanquished the highly popular game from the App Stores, clones of the mobile addictive game started coming and taking advantage of the game's feat.

For those who have already downloaded Flappy Bird, they still can enjoy and play the addictive game in their phones or tablets. But for those who failed to download the game, do not fall for those third-party Web sites or stores that offer the app as those may been tainted with malware. Instead you may want to have a look at the games below which are all oddly similar in design and gameplay.

Flappy Wings and Bird (Android)

The graphics of this game are almost identical to "Flappy Bird." The most noticeable difference is that the bird poops. Also, the color of the pipes change. The developer of this app is Green Chili Games. It is available on Google Play for free.

Video courtesy: YouTube/Green Chili Games

Flappy Bird Flyer (iOS)

"Flappy Bird Flyer" has the same concept and gameplay as "Flappy Bird." This game is now the number one game on iTunes, according to Digital Trends. Unlike the pipes on "Flappy Bird," this game has building-like structure that the bird has to get passed. It is a free game, but you have to pay $0.99 for a pack of three lives.

Video courtesy: YouTube/AppZebra

Fluffy vs. Flappy Birds (iOS)

Fluffy vs. Flappy Birds is available on iTunes. It is a free game that offers in-app purchases. The graphics for this game is nice. It has a jungle setting and the bird has to get as many coins and diamonds as it can. There are power-ups along the way and much like the "Flappy Bird," the bird has to steer away from the obstacles.

Video courtesy: YouTube/Isma Chefe

Fly Birdie - Flappy Bird Flyer (iOS)

Again, this game has the same concept. It has colorful obstacle pipes that the bird on the game has to navigate away from.

Video courtesy: YouTube/AppZebra

For more of "Flappy Bird" clones, you may visit Metro and check out yourself. Find out which one of those clones are worth downloading.

"Flappy Bird" is an extraordinarily simple game. Players only need to tap the screen of their smartphones or tablets to keep the bird afloat. Also, players have to ensure that the bird does not hit the pipes along the obstacle course. This simple mobile game has brought its developer Nguyen as much as $50,000 a day in ads' income and loads of undesirable attention.

Speaking to Forbes, Nguyen refused to divulge the exact amount that he got from advertising revenues.

"I don't know that exact figure, but I do know it's a lot," he said.

"Flappy Bird" was originally released in May 2012. It has only been recently that it started to receive lots of attention in social media, eventually causing a lot of stress to Nguyen, which became the very main reason he removed the game for good.

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