Five Youngsters Stabbed to Death in Canada House Party, Suspect Identified

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The man responsible for stabbing five young people to death in Canada has been identified as Matthew de Grood. Matthew is charged with five counts of first degree murder. The fatal stabbing, which took place during a house party, is considered to be the worst mass murder in the history of Calgary. The names of the victims are Zackariah Rathwell, Lawrence Hong, Kaitlin Perras, Joshua Hunter and Jordan Segura.

Matthew killed four men as well as a woman in their 20s in the Brentwood neighbourhood which is situated to the north of the University of Calgary campus. Police reported that Matthew's father happens to be a veteran police office in Calgary. CBC News reported that Matthew did not have any previous police records, according to Rick Hanson, the chief of Calgary Police Services. Ms Hanson also said that the victims did not have any police records either.

The horrid incident took place at around 1:20 in the morning of Tuesday, April 15. Mr Hanson called the incident as "the worst mass murder in Calgary's history." Matthew attended the University of Calgary. He reportedly had plans to join tlaw school. Mr Hanson said that the house party was apparently meant for friends as well as university people. Matthew was invited to the party, he said.

Matthew stabbed the five young people shortly after he had arrived at the party. He already had a weapon with him. According to police descriptions, the weapon was "an instrument" which he brought with him from work. However, according to investigators, he used his primary weapon from the house where the party was taking place. Mr Hanson said that Matthew arrived at the house, got the knife and stabbed the victims one after another.

There was no indication that Matthew was provoked by any incident that might have taken place in the party. Neither did Matthew consume alcohol or drugs. The entire incident seems to be a cold-blooded act of murder. Matthew apparently planned it well before he had arrived at the party. Mr Hanson said that Matthew had apparently arrived at the party straight from work.

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