Five Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That Can Speed up Your Work

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As we shift toward the touchscreen era, there are still those who love their keyboards. Swiping, switching apps, snapping and closing screens are fine with touchscreens. But not all people have touchscreens and there are those who still feel more comfortable with their keyboards.

Keyboard shortcuts can save time and boost productivity. Here are five keyboard shortcuts you should know and use. Its source is Joe Fedewa's post at WinSource:

 1. Alt + Tab

Multitasking is easier in touchscreens while Windows 8 let you do it by swiping from the left side of the screen to go through all open apps. This is quite difficult with a keyboard and a mouse though, but not with the Alt-Tab shortcut. Hold down Alt and Tab to see a popup showing the active apps. Then Tab to go to your desired app.

2. Alt or F10

The traditional "File, Edit, View, etc."  menu has been removed and represented in another format for a condensed layout. But they will show up if you press Alt -key or F10. This works in most apps, except in Windows Explorer on Windows 8.

3. Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Ctrl + Shift + Esc will bring up the Task Manager. This is equivalent to Ctrl + Alt + Del in older versions of Windows. Activating the Task Manager is useful if a program is misbehaving or locked up.

4. Windows Key + Arrow Keys  

While working, you will likely use the Internet for research, but switching between the Web browser and document isn't always convenient. You can work on both screens instead by putting a browser Window and a document Window side by side. To do this, open the Word Document, hit Windows + Left arrow key to push it to the left half of the display. Now, open the browser and click Windows + Right arrow key to slide the window to the right half.

5. Windows Key + S

One of the best things the Start Menu did was let users quickly search and run apps. This was what Windows 8 Start Screen was also doing. Press the Windows Key and then start typing. In case you want to stay on the desktop and do a search, quickly open an app just press Windows Key + S. The search pane will open in front of whatever you are doing.




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