Five Tricks to Get People Agree With You

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Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe kicks a soccer ball during a meeting with Brazilian soccer players in Brasilia
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe kicks a soccer ball during a meeting with Brazilian soccer players in Brasilia Reuters/Ueslei Marcelino

Very often, it is challenging to win people over to your side and share your opinions. While you can not really control how others think, the good news is, the power of persuasion and influence can actually be learned. You can make people agree with you by using a number of these tried and proven approaches. These are very effective and you can further enhance your relationship with others and meet goals on time.

1. Establish a leadership role

The first step involves being visible to the people that you intended to agree with you. You have to make a presence in the room without looking arrogant. Establish rapport by initiating short conversations and knowing more about the tendencies and personality of each person in the group. Try to look for similar areas of interest or characteristics that you can relate with to create a personal link with each individual, thereby making it easier to persuade them later on.

2. Provide substantial evidence

In a research study conducted in the Center for Decision Sciences in Columbia University, the findings revealed that people are more likely to be persuaded or agree with you if they are provided with actual facts and complete details on the subject. Back up your statements with actual evidence to make it more substantial and worth believing.

3. Tell stories than merely offering facts

In a study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University, providing stories will work better at persuading people compared to giving flat data. People like to know more about the background of a situation or person before they start believing.

4.  Dig into their past

People will most likely agree with you if you can rekindle a memory or past experience that they hold onto. A person's mindset can change if previous encounters are repeated or supported by subsequent ones. In a study conducted at the University Toronto, people's mindsets can change if they can effectively relate past and present situations. Reinforce their past experiences and beliefs by offering similar but new knowledge.

5. Show them the benefits

People will agree with you more if they can understand the benefits that they can derive from the approach. Be positive in your statements and make comparisons with other methods to show why your plan works.

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