Five Things to Know as Google Chromebox Hits Australian Shores

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The search engine giant Google recently announced the availability of Chromebox for Meeting enterprise video conferencing product in Australia. The product was initially launched in Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California for the US market on February.

As the product hits the Australian shores for business enterprises to utilize, here are five things to know before getting a package for company meetings.

Collaboration of Two Google Products

According to an article from ZD Net, Google Chromebox is a fusion of Google+ Hangouts and Google Apps which are two of the search engine giant's most collaboration friendly products. From a mere "good enough" video conferencing equipment in Google Hangout, the Google Chromebox has elevated into a higher level. This way, business enterprises can be able to easily manage and simplify high definition company meetings.

Instant Set-up

Unlike the normal meeting set-up wherein preparing the entire meeting room requires a lot of effort and time, Google Chromebox just takes minutes to set-up. According to a Google post from Blogspot, business entities just need a display in the room for the Google Chromebox package and the meeting will be good to go. With the instant set-up capability, business entities can save time and effort in setting up and focus instead on the more important matters listed in the meeting agenda.

Fast and Easy Meetings

The Google post also mentioned that business entities can easily send out invitations directly from Google Calendar. Hence, there is no need any more to compose and send lengthy meeting notices on the emails. When the scheduled meeting time comes, business entities do not need any more to dial passcodes, leader PINs, or codes to start the meeting. They just need to click the remote once and presto! They are good to go.

Virtual Video Conferencing Anywhere

In the same ZD Net article, Google Enterprise in Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Kevin Ackhurst specifically mentioned that Google Chromebox works best for six to eight people in the room which can be combined with 15 streams to simultaneously accommodate 90-120 people during the meeting. Participants can use their laptops, tablets, or smartphones to connect to the meeting. Those who does not use Chromebox can join through their Gmail account while those with traditional video conferencing system can utilize a tool called Vidyo to participate. Participants who prefer to use their smartphones can also join the meeting by calling a number from UberConference. With this powerful capability of the Chromebox, meeting participants can be anywhere in the world and still be able to join the meeting effortlessly.

Google Offering

According to an article from CRN,  Google Chromebox package is priced at AUS $1,450 which will include ASUS Chromebox unit, a dual omni-directional microphone/speaker, full high definition camera with a Carl Zeiss autofocus lens, and a remote control that has a QWERTY keyboard with a nano-sized USB adapter. The Chromebox has versatile display options and multiple USB ports so business entities can set up the entire package anyway they like. It is also small enough to be placed on top of the desk and has a built in Wi-Fi so there is no need to connect a wire cable across the room.

The information above makes Google Chromebox for Meeting a promising and sound investment for business entities in Australia.

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