Five Things To Know About Australia’s Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson [PHOTOS]


If you ever wonder if there is a Justin Bieber version for the Aussies, then it's got to be no other than Cody Simpson.

A singer-songwriter since he was 11, he was launched to stardom by simply uploading his own YouTube videos online. Now, he is living a fast career with a single done with R&B artist Flo Rida with an EP called '4 U' released last year, he also just finished his US tour.

The young pop star also recently performed with the Season 4 artists of 'N.B.T.' and  shared some tips on how to be fulfilled in their chosen crafts. One of the most important things he shared is to "stay dedicated and motivated" at all times. For Simpson, it is important to listen to the advice of family and friends who support you all the way.

The young singer also had a chance to work with the manager of the US teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber and he is excited with the great plans of doing a project together with Bieber. No matter how much he is being compared to him, he is very consistent in sharing that he carries out his own style in music. "I want to be my own artist," Simpson says without getting annoyed with the overwhelming comparison that the media is doing with the two of them.

Simpson also believes that being active in social networking sites like Twitter and even Instagram can help boost any young artist's independent career. The young pop star is amazed with the power and potential of the Internet and how it works to spread news like wildfire that he makes sure he uses the most of it especially in launching new albums.

Check out more interesting trivia about Cody that you still may not know about this 'Aussie Bieber' hit!


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