Five Reasons Why Google Glass Is Not Much of a Hit Yet

By @judithaparri on

Google Glass maybe one of Google's breakthrough, but its adopters attracted a lot of negative attention about the device. The term "glass-house" is catching on, and the apparently annoyed Google posted on its Google Glass Google Plus page the Top 10  Google Glass Myths.

However, here are some of the reasons why people find Google Glass not much of a hit yet, courtesy of Ron Miller at TechCrunch.

1.      We Shun New Invention

When a technology arrives, people tend to mock and criticize the pioneer patronizers. Just like what happened to Segway self-powered scooter by Dean Kamen. However, despite the negative receptions, technology finds its way to improve and get into the majority and leave the doubts, worries, fears and negative impressions behind. Segway did not gain much patronage, but found a place in urban areas where many people live.

Google may have not landed on solid grounds yet, as many doubt its true significance. Negative reactions include gadget is an accessory of perverts, spies and criminals (Myths #2 and # 7); and that it is banned everywhere (Myth# 9).

2.      Reluctance To Change

Cannon said in a SXSW interview that people's initial reaction to change is normally fear of the unknown. People are reluctant to change because they want to keep what they learned as kids. With Google Glass, they ask what's the point?

3.      Lack of Understanding

Now when people ask what's the point of Google Glass? It's like how people reacted with the first personal computers. They did not comprehend the purpose and why the PCs were there when they thought computers are only for the armed forces, Pentagon, the CIA and big enterprises. Today, almost everyone cannot get enough of computers and would feel paralyzed if without the technology.

4.      No Privacy

With statements like being photographed or taken videos of (Myth 2), with this era of social media and smart phone, we still react aggressively when it comes to our privacy as what might be spoiled by Google glass. Senior Director Patrick Miller of Deeplocal said we are unaware of being photographed by smartphones, digital cameras and other devices, but not Google Glass.

When in a public place, it will also be difficult to keep one's privacy. For instance, a girl had her skirt up and photographed with a mobile device. The girl could not keep the private body parts from being photographed, and there is no law prohibiting it.

5.      Still on Initial Stage

Regardless, we are still at the intro phase of Google Glass and the reception phase is likewise still ongoing. Conferences like SXSW gives opportunities to get more product knowledge, we will have the time when we totally forget fighting of this device in its early stage.

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