Five Features of Next Windows 8 Update That Will Please Metro-hating Users

By @judithaparri on

For a disgruntled Windows desktop user, you will suffer no more. Windows is still working on the upcoming update of Windows 8.1, according to UK-based Gaming and Tech Writer James Woodcock who downloaded a leaked version.

Woodcock got impressed by some updated features added that would surely appease the users who have preference using the traditional hands and keyboard instead of the touch interface.

Update 1 does not bring the full Start menu back. Also, it does not make desktop mode the default on Startup screen. Microsoft added five features to Update 1, which desktop users will surely appreciate:

1.  A power button on the Start screen allows an easier way to put your computer to sleep or power it down.

2.  The ability to easily manage Live Tiles on the Start screen by right-clicking on them, which will let you uninstall applications. You may remove them from the Start screen or pin them to your Taskbar.

3.  Full screen apps that show in your Taskbar to let you shuffle between them more quickly when they are open.

4.  A Title Bar for fullscreen apps that will let you close or minimize apps with ease when you go up to the top of the screen.

5.  You can view your Taskbar even with fullscreen apps.

In several ways, these add-ons are common sense features. There is no way the Redmond guys would make closing full screen apps so unnaturally like what Woodcock said, "dragging from top to bottom."

All the same, any typical PC user who found themselves alienated by the edits Microsoft made with Windows 8 will finally be pleased with Update 1 and make it to be yet another welcome enhancement.

The good thing is that Redmond listens to the users. Although it was a bumpy ride for most, this is a good relief. Though not everyone will love Windows 8, considering its name is already tainted. But for those who have upgraded or purchased their computer and Windows 8 is in it, these new features will enhance the experience of many.

Some will say Microsoft is going backward with many concessions in an attempt to please an extremely vocal minority. But these updates should be welcomed as they will not interfere with Windows 8.1 current operations, adding to the experience without taking anything. It is because of Windows 8.1 Update 1 that Windows 8 is no longer scary.

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