Five Countries that Produce the Best Chocolate

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A stack of chocolate bars sits on a table before being wrapped at the Mast Brothers Chocolate factory in the Brooklyn borough of New York July 8, 2010.
Dark Chocolate offers relief to the patients suffering from PAD. Reuters

Chocolates are among the most comforting types of food that people should have every now and then. Although chocolates are now produced in various parts of the globe, some places created a reputation for being the top producers of the best chocolates. It also explains why a small piece of this bittersweet goodness can command a higher price but still get a nonstop high demand all year round.

1. Germany

Germans are an avid chocolate eaters, being the second largest consumers in the world. They also make sure that they only get the best quality that several chocolate makers continue to improve their standards and become known worldwide for their luxurious creations. Germany brings cocoa beans from eight different countries to make the best chocolate. Some of the top brands include Sarroti, Kinder Schokolade, Ritter Sport, Alpia and Milka.

2. Switzerland

Swiss chocolates are always among the best-rated. People in Switzerland are also very fond of chocolate that makes the country the highest per capita consumer of chocolate worldwide. Every individual eats about 22 pounds of chocolate every year. Some of the best brands include Lindt, Toblerone, Swiss Army, Glando and Cailler Nestle.

3. France

The French are particularly fond of coming up with unique designs and chocolate fillings with liquor. They invest heavily on a top quality cocoa. The top brands in the country are Richart and Valrhona.

4. The United States

Despite being the only country outside Europe in the list, U.S. is the biggest producer of chocolates in the world, generating millions of dollars in revenue each year. Some of the top brands include Hershey, Twix, Dagoba and Snickers.

5. Belgium

Belgian chocolate is almost synonymous to luxury and fine quality. Particularly, Godiva chocolates has established itself as one of the premier chocolate makers in the world, with its signature gold boxes and intricate designs. Other top brands include Floranne and Nirvana. There are about 2,000 chocolate shops in the country.

Other countries also made their mark as quality chocolate makers, such as the Netherlands and Italy. Cocoa beans are usually imported from South America or Asia to get the best quality. 

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