Fishing Adventure This Summer? Watch Funny Viral Video on Cat Fishing on Youtube

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Summer is here once again and fishing is a good way to relieve the summer heat but a white cat has a different agenda on what to fish. Another cat! The cat's fishing adventure is captured on video and uploaded in Youtube which has gone viral.

The 31 second video has owned by Mr. Yabawy has already earned almost 500,000 views in just a matter of few days.

In the video a white cat sits atop a perch holding a fishing hook with a fish at the end of the line. As the cat playfully moves the hook to and fro, another white and gray cat is lured by the toy bait and moves its head up and down to catch the fish. It does not show though if the other cat successfully catch the fish at the end of the video.

Some of those people who have viewed the video commented that the cat's antique was fake although they surely had a good laugh watching it.

But in the real life, those who wanted to relieve the heat by fishing can explore the wide array of scenic fishing destination within Australia. The country has plenty of fish species to catch like rainbow fish, yellow fin tuna, Queensland Lungfish, and South Australian cobbler.

People living near Melbourne can enjoy a relaxing line fishing experience at Port Philip Bay and catch snapper, small pinkies, whiting, or small shark that abound plentiful in the area. Apart from line fishing, people can also enjoy a bout tour and finish off their adventure by eating their catch afterwards.

For those living near Sydney they can cast their lines at beautiful Shoalhaven River to catch luderick, flathead or whiting fishes while cooling themselves. Alternately, they can enjoy the cool waters of Hawkesbury River while fishing for bass fish, prawns, and oysters.

There is also the "blue water paradise" in Port Stephens where people can bask in the cool big-game fishing activities in the area. Among the popular fishing activities in the area are fly fishing, freshwater or saltwater lure, and heavy or light tackle fishing.

So beat the summer heat and catch fish to cool down!

Watch the cat goes fishing video on Youtube:

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