First Look: Robert Pattinson Hot Pictures with Newly Shaven Hair while on Set Filming in Australia [NEW PHOTOS]

Take a look at Robert Pattinson’s Hot Sexy New Hair Debuted on Location at Adelaide, Australia for his Latest Flick, “The Rover”


From a simple, short hairdo, to a seriously crazy look, to a tamed and very untamed, messy locks and with colors from loud bronze and slightly red mane - - we have seen the different hair styles Robert Pattinson has had through the years. And now, the Twilight hunk is giving us a new, sexy look with hot, shaven hair sported for his latest film, “The Rover” as he was spotted filming on location in Adelaide, Australia.

New pics emerged showing Rob getting “down and dirty,” as he was seen dusting up while on the set shooting a fight scene in outback Australia. Sporting the new haircut, Rob is seen wearing a dark top and khaki pants as he was working with the crew of the drama film, “The Rover”.

A closer look at the pictures show R-Patz getting his hands dirty pushing a pickup truck. His newly shaven hair offers a new look from his usual shaggy hairdo, and it complemented to his role in the film.

Written and directed by David Michod, the man behind “Animal Kingdom,” “The Rover” is a Western drama, featuring a man who has lost his possession in life except his car, but which was unfortunately stolen, an element that created the conflict in the film.

Robert Pattinson plays the role of Reynolds who helped the man find his car and they set out in a journey to finding that precious car only leaving Reynolds “behind the bloody chaos” in the process. With backdrop of the Australian desert, the film’s context is set in a “dangerous and dysfunctional future.

Co-starring Pattinson in the film is Guy Pearce, who played the role of Eric, the man who lost the car. They are joined by Scott McNairy, Samuel F. Lee, Anthony Hayes and some more. As announced by the Porchlight Films and Lava Bear Films, the film began shooting on January 29. Supported by Screen Australia, the South Australia Film Corporation and Screen NSW, the production Down Under is expected to run for seven weeks.

This means more days and weeks for Kristen Stewart to wait for her man as she is based in their Los Angeles home while Rob is filming at the Australian Outback.

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