First Look: Captain America: The Winter Soldier-- New Villain and Steamy Scenes between Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans [See Photos]

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The much-awaited sequel to Captain America has finally released a sneak peek about its new villain.

The sequel to the Captain America movie is something that fans are avidly waiting for, as some of the best things about the movie is the introduction of the new nemesis which Captain America will have to face.

The new trailer for the movie has shown Captain America facing new problems, such as his new Nemesis and former WWII friend Bucky Barnes from the first Captain America movie, the First Avenger. Something else that fans will have to watch out for are the hot scenes between Natasha Romanoff played by Scarlett Johansson and Captain America, Chris Evans.

The team of well known actors will be back in the sequel, as Samuel L. Jackson will again play as Nick Fury -- the leader S.H.I.E.L.D and the mastermind behind the creation of the Avengers team. Another actor who will be in the movie is Robert Redford. Surprisingly, he will play quite a significant role in the movie as Nick Fury's boss.

The new Captain America movie will talk about Captain America's best friend Bucky Barnes. If you have watched the first movie then you would know that Captain America was highly affected by the death of his best friend Bucky Barnes when the two were on a mission.

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Winter Soldier is Captain America's best friend, Bucky, who was risen from the dead by the Soviets as an assassin. He will be one of Captain America's strongest enemies.

Bucky Barnes will be ressurrected as a cyborg and will give the movie a great twist. However, fans would also surely feel the hot tension between Natasha Romanoff and Captain America-- this would surely be a great watch.

The movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be released in April 14, 2014, catch it in theaters and see Chris Evans as the hot and heroic Captain America. 

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