First-Gen Kindle Paperwhite Gets Goodreads and FreeTime

By @judithaparri on

The oldest version of Kindle Fire got updates on parental controls and Goodreads, which were the add-ons of the newer versions last year.

Amazon released an update last year containing several new features, but only for selected hardware versions, most of which were the new ones. However, Amazon does not forget about the other owners, so is the software update just released for first-gen Kindle Paperwhite. Finally, Amazon is bringing the new features to older models plus a deep integration with the reading community Goodreads and Kindle FreeTime.


The online reading community owned by Amazon wrote in a blog post in November that the owners of Kindle Fire wanted Goodreads on Kindle Paperwhite too; and on Monday, announced it is already there. This means members can be aware right from their Kindle of what their friends are doing like sharing notes, reading and rating books. The update will directly download and install in the Kindle Paperwhite once the device is connected. A USB cable can be used to manually download the software from the PC and transfer to the device.


Aside from Goodreads, the update adds parental controls Kindle FreeTime which allows the parents to create customized profiles for the kids, set for them daily reading goals and keep track of the progress. Cloud Collections is another feature which lets you organize books, apps, magazines and newspapers into an organized collection for your easy reference.


Likewise, the update brings Page-flip capabilities, allowing you to skim a book, scan by chapter or jump to another page without losing your current page. Reading page footnotes is easy as you will not need to change page, just like accessing bookmarks, notes and highlights.

So far, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the most recent ebook reader which incorporates all the ideal futures of a reader for easy reading and handling. It is a device of good quality with six-inch screen 169 x 117 x 9.1 mm dimension. It likewise has a heavier version that is 3G and Wi-Fi capable. It is easy to hold with one hand. Its illuminated paperwhite display makes reading easy both in dark and light conditions.

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