Firefighters Rescue a Toddler Trapped in a Washing Machine


Parents should keep their eyes on their children at all times. In the Shandong Province of China, firefighters rescued a 3-year-old girl that got trapped in a washing machine.

The toddler's mother revealed that her daughter often plays inside the washing machine. Unfortunately, she never thought that the little girl will get stuck so she had no choice but to call the firefighters to free the child in distress.

When the firefighters arrived in the laundry room, they discovered that the little girl had been trapped in the washing machine from her waist down. According to the local media, the mother left the toddler alone to play in the washing machine.

The emergency team spent hours in freeing the toddler with the use of handsaws, electric saws and power cutting tools. Firefighters offered the child candies in order to distract her from all of the noise coming from their power tools.

Eventually, the toddler was safely rescued after the firefighters successfully cut the iron sheet apart from the washing machine. The little girl afterwards said a sweet "Thank You" to the firefighters who patiently rescued her.

The little girl will probably think twice before playing inside the washing machine after the incident. On the other hand, the mother will definitely forbid her child to come near the household appliance.

With this life-threatening situation that happened to a child, parents might consider putting a padlock on the washing machine to prevent their children from climbing in or getting trapped. Baby security locks might as well develop a safety household precaution for this case in addition to the range of child safety devices like the security gates on top of the stairs, bumpers on table corners and safety latches on drawers, cabinets, refrigerator and toilet bowl.

Take a look at the video below that shows how the firefighters rescued the 3-year-old toddler trapped in a washing machine.

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