Find Out Who Dwyane Wade’s Crush Is, Should Gabrielle Union Be Worried About it?

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Can Dwyane Wade be engaged and still have a crush on someone else? Well, it is normal to have crushes. In fact, even married couples still sometimes develop crushes on other people. Having a crush, even if a person is engaged or happily married, doesn't really constitute to unfaithfulness toward your partner, right?

On March 5, Wade participated in "Woman Crush Wednesday" on Instagram. For those of you who don't know what "Woman Crush Wednesday" means, it is this thing that people take part in social media, where they reveal their crushes on a Wednesday using the hashtag "#WCW."

Wade posted a picture on his Instagram with a caption the reads, "My #WCW my #beautifulblackqueen, my life mistakes gave me you and my life mistakes almost made me lose you but your love has conquered all and I hope to spend the rest of my life with you."

Should Gabrielle Union be worried about it? She shouldn't be because she was the one that Wade was referring to. Aside from professing his undying affection for Union, Wade was brave to accept the "life mistakes" that he did in the past. Although he didn't directly state what those mistakes were, Wade was probable speaking of the love child that he fathered during a brief split with Union.

Infidelity can ultimately undermine a relationship. Even though Wade claims that they weren't together when he allegedly slept with another woman, it would've been really hard for Union to put his trust back to the NBA star. Nevertheless, as the popular saying goes, love conquers all. It means exactly what it says. Love has helped Wade and Union overcome whatever obstacles they were facing.

Wade and Union got engaged in December. According to the "Being Mary Jane" star, Wade is the one who is very excited about the whole thing. He is even the one who plans for the wedding. Union said that they already have a date but they have no plans of announcing it just yet.

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