Find Out 'Harry Potter' Writer J.K. Rowling's Fetish

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The commoner turned billionaire J.K.Rowling has been making news all over the world ever since the inception of her iconic fictional saga, "Harry Potter." Aside from being a prolific writer, J.K. Rowling has a really big heart. Her foundations that cater to the poor and to other less fortunate people have received some fat checks from none other than J.K. Rowling's sales from her multi-million "Harry Potter" series.

However, despite all of the glitz, glamour and philanthropic work Rowling has busying herself with, the British novelist has a guilty pleasure - that is, she is extremely fond of expensive stilettos.

The "Harry Potter" just cannot get enough of the fab and sophisticated looking footwear. In an interview with BBC Radio 4 called "Woman's Hour," Rowling gushed for almost an hour about the "myth and power" behind the elegant footwear.  Maybe the stilettos are Rowling's real life Patronus?

"Naturally, I'm not a pumps girl, I'm not a sensible flats girl. There does come a point when it gets a little bit ridiculous, you need to be able to walk the dog, and I do walk the dog, and I don't do that in stilettos." The prolific writer said during the interview.

So maybe aside from her desire of writing books that generations would love, Rowling also indulges herself with expensive footwear that are stilettos. Looks like the Muggle world definitely wins this time as the creator itself of the magical world of "Harry Potter" is hooked up with the wonderful footwear.

Meanwhile, the author has also divulged during the interview the sadness she still feels when she is reminded of her mother's death. During the BBC 4 Radio interview, Rowling expressed her sadness over the fact that her mother was not able to read any of her daughter's best-selling publications due to her untimely demise caused by multiple sclerosis.

"She was very fit, she was a non-smoker, non-drinker, and I say all of this because of course then for her to be diagnosed at 35 with an illness that would kill her was just the most enormous shock to us and everyone who knew her," Rowling said.

Rowling has since turned all of her sadness into something beautiful, as seen evidently in her marvelous writing. 

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