Final Fantasy XV PS4 Release Date Update: Square Enix Can't Handle Demands of FFXV?

By @binibiningkd on

Final Fantasy diehards cringe at Nomura Tetsuya's comments to the Weekly Famitsu regarding the Final Fantasy XV PS4 release date. Tetsuya claims that the team is anxious about the time and resources needed to get the most out of Sony's new system, according to Push Square.

"For the player, having a game that's 'thoroughly made' makes them excited with anticipation, but for a developer, it's a hurdle that we have to overcome," Tetsuya mentioned. "The number of things that we have to do keeps increasing, and if we keep trying to expand we'll never be finished."

Square Enix is currently trying to wring every drop of potential form the system, which is causing the delay of the Final Fantasy XV PS4 release date. In its attempt to create a perfect Finally Fantasy XV experience, the release date is taking so long.

A 2015 or 2016 release date is feasible given the history of the Square Enix. Also, based on Tetsuya's comment, the Final Fantasy XV release date in 2016 is quite possible. In the past, the Final Fantasy XIII did not hit the PS3 until the system has been on shelves for about three years.

In March 2013, it was reported that the Square Enix was posting an "extraordinary loss" on the books. According to Forbes, an "extraordinary loss" is a loss that is unlikely to repeat across periods. Although the language sounds dreadful, it is intended to be reassuring.

At present, Square Enix digital entertainment branch is to remain income positive but the 1billion yen or $10.6 million operating income is far from the ideal 87 billion yen or $922.88 million predicted sales and far below the expected 14.6 per cent margin.

Undoubtedly, the Square Enix is under a lot of pressure. At this point, fans can just hope for the best and wish that the pressure will not force a premature Final Fantasy XV release date, not mention that Square Enix continues to thrive and recover from bad year.

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