Final Fantasy Type-O, Yakuza, Shenmue to Make a Comeback on PS4 and Vita: Sony Will Revive the Games You Love

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The PlayStation line has been around for many years. It has become a favorite console across the globe. As new generations kick in, Sony has diversified the range of games people can play on its product. Now, players have the opportunity to play again the games they used to love. A number of sources say that games like Final Fantasy Type-O and Shenmue will be available once more on PS4 and PS Vita. How true is it? 

Garrette Jutte from Guardian Express reports that Sony is willing to lend an ear to players and to revive back a number of some old favorites. Likewise, the company has also been thinking about releasing international editions of games with sequels only released in Japan. He also indicated in the report that long overdue sequels or game upgrades may be well on their way. 

According to the report, Adam Boyes from Sony has been working with third-party publishers and developers to rev up the games offerings of the PlayStation series. Boyes has been working on bringing games that people want to their product line. As of now, the report confirms only a handful of people trying to establish the lost connection with the mentioned games. 

Sony is reportedly working on creating a list of games to restore or revive. It may take a while longer for the Japanese tech giant to release the sequels but people can expect them to come in the future. Boyes also said that after rolling out the first few games, it should not take long for Sony to continue releasing sequels and bring back other highly demanded or phased out offerings. 

For people who wish to voice out their requests for Sony, they can do so easily via Gio Corsi on twitter. The user is compiling requests. Users need to include the hash tag #BuildingTheList for their requests to be seen or considered. Sony's team has been focusing on localizing games, creating HD remixes and other offerings that did not reach other countries previously. This should increase the consumer base of the product line and add more brand recognition for Sony and their PlayStation series. 

While Sony has not confirmed which games they will be reviving officially, the rumor mill says some strong possibilities include: YakuzaFinal Fantasy Type-o, and Shenmue.

Sony has also hit gold by selling 1 million units during the first of PS4's release. 

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