Filipino Fans Retaliate Against Pacman Tweet by Justin Bieber

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Celebrities who get the most attention are expected to act mature and mindful of their actions. Being a role model for the younger generations is the main objective of celebrities in Hollywood.

Everything a celbrity does or says genuinely affects their fans way of thinking and acting because this is how today's era works. Unluckily for one celebrity namely Justin Bieber, the 18-year old had to face the consequences of his own actions.

In the business, it's normal for fans to insult and disrepect other fans. However, things become worse if fans go on an all-out war against celebrities. World war on the other hand happens if celebrities bash other celebrities which in the case of Hollywood is completely normal.

Yet, what would happen if a well-known celebrity bashes a sports icon of one country? All hell would definitely break loose and that celebrity would of course lose his own fans. The exact thing happened to Canadian crooner, Justin Bieber when he mocked Philippine Boxing Champion, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao last Sunday.

Filipino Fans Retaliate Against Pacman Tweet by Justin Bieber
Filipino Fans Retaliate Against Pacman Tweet by Justin Bieber

Last Sunday, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez. Pacman losing was definitely a shocking moment for everyone especially Filipino fans around the world. It only took 6 rounds to makeMarquez win the fight wherein Pacquiao fell flat on his face. This of course was an outcome that Pacquiao fans had expected.

Of course, given today's world lives off on the web and mockery of such, Pacquiao was not left out of the joke. So what did the Bieber have to do with this? Sunday evening, Bieber decided to mock of Pacquiao. Justin had posted photos mocking the downtrodden and beat-up Pacquiao. One photo had Simba of "The Lion King" with the caption, "Wake Up Dad." Another photo was of Pacman doing what Bieber had mentioned the infamous "MJ lean."

Knowing the Filipinos, mess with one and the whole lot of them follows. Despite the obvious mockery of Pacman, Bieber did not issue an apology. A simple apology will have made the Filipinos a bit calm regarding to this sensitive topic. Unfortunately, "respect" does not seem to be present in Bieber's dictionary.

Good manners and values also seem to be missing from the 18-year old singer because news has it that earlier today, Justin Bieber had thrown a water bottle at an unsuspecting paparazzi. Selena Gomez should probably see the obvious signs that she's dating a "Baby" like the songs he sings. "Beliebers" on the other hand best explain their idol's actions.

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