Filipino Children Preyed Upon by Aussie Paedophiles via Live Web cam Sex Shows

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Filipino children are being preyed upon by Australian paedophiles via live webcam sex shows as revealed by a case of a man from Victoria who had been sentenced to jail for accessing cybersex dens.

Sadly, the parents of these Filipino children were the ones who forced their children to perform live sex via Web cam for the Australian patrons in exchange for money.

Thousands of Filipino children are now being exploited via the growing cybersex trade, Philippines' Children's Legal Bureau lawyer Noemi Truya-Abarientos told Herald Sun.

She said the reality in the Philippines is that cyber sex dens are being operated with the parents' consent.

"These are operated by parents with their children and their neighbours' children as performers. In home-based child pornography, the families simply put up internet facilities, buy computer units or laptops, which have got cheap here. The client gives the instructions on what the child must do. If the foreigner gets bored with one child he orders for others to be brought in front of the webcam - this is when the neighbours are being involved. Then the neighbours learn the trade and get their own computer units and internet and so on. They are paid via money transfer companies here," Abarientos said.

In Australia, Victorian man Patrick Ronald Goggins was sentenced for 11 and a half years jail time after pleading guilty to 20 child sex offences. He was convicted of multiple counts of persistent sexual abuse of a child outside Australia, eight counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child outside Australia and soliciting and producing child pornography.

In totality, Goggins had spent at least $15,000 in paying for Filipino children to 'perform' for him via Web cam while he watch in his bedroom in Centre Dandenong Rd, Cheltenham.

However, the Australian Federal Police was able to monitor his emails until they found evidence of Goggins instructing Filipino children how he would like their performance be. He had victims as young as five, eight, fourteen and fifteen years-old.

In one family, Goggins was able to watch four sisters 'performing' for him for $28 for a whole day. Goggins told County Court Judge Sandra Davis that the children's mother saw the act as a way of earning money.

Justice Minister Michael Keenan vowed to hunt down and jail Australian paedophiles who participate in such sickening acts.

 "Each pay-per-view image is a heinous crime scene. Every image captures an actual situation where a child is being abused. Online predators that instruct the abuse and exploitation of children using this type of activity can and will be detected by law enforcement. No area of the internet is immune from law enforcement activity and no form abuse or sexual exploitation of a child will be tolerated," Keenan said.

Those who knew of sexual predators online are encouraged to report directly to police or through the Virtual Global Taskforce Report Abuse page at

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