Fiji Boat Crash Survivor Speaks of Short Friendship with Dad Killed in Crash

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Tourism is the cash cow of Fiji in terms of foreign exchange revenue. Approximately, there are more than 700,000 Australians and New Zealanders frequenting the country yearly.

But on May 15, Fiji became more than just a travel destination, but a place where a brief friendship occurred between Nick McGee, 24, and the 40-year-old father only known as Mark who died in the Fiji boat crash.

"I got there that day and this incident happened in the afternoon. Mark was a nice guy, he was making jokes on the boat about not catching any fish, he would say '10 more minutes and I'll have my first fish'. He was a nice and easy going guy," McGee said still in shock.

Mcgee shared with that he was just millimetres apart from Mark who was hit in the head during the crash. They met on that very day of the accident.

The boat was sailing on the Mamanuca waters, near Mana ­Island on Thursday just when they were heading back from a fishing tour.

 "I saw the driver going a little bit faster and I thought it was a little bit weird so I turned my head to the right and in the corner of my eye I saw another boat smash into ours. The front of the boat hit him in the head. He didn't see it happen." McGee told

He said that he was holding Mark's elbow when the latter was hit and died.

 "I was only about 200 millimetres away. If the driver didn't speed up I think we all would be dead. He tried to get out of the way - he saved our lives," McGee shared sadly.

He said that the accident shocked everybody but they were quick to try to revive Mark.

 "We tried to revive him back at Mana Island resort but I already knew he was dead. He died from the impact to his head. The people in the other boat were yelling and crying. Everyone was just in shock."

McGee said he is still in awe with what happened but he needed to arrange his travel arrangements to come home to Brisbane. 

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