'Fifty Shades' Movie: Chace Crawford as Christian Grey? [PHOTOS]


"Fifty Shades" movie production team probably already has at least a couple of actors in mind for the Christian Grey role. Now, Chace Crawford seems to be telling them, don't count the "Gossip Girl" hottie out.

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Crawford, who played trust-fund-rich-but-nice-guy Nate Archibald in The CW series Gossip Girl, is currently unemployed. GG ended its 6-year run in December last year, and Crawford is understandably missing some filming action.

"I would love the challenge. I have not read the books, but what I know is that it is risqué, and to be honest, anything to shake up from the way I have been going would be good," Crawford told FOX411.

The GG finale showed Archibald looking dapper and sophisticated as he got off his publishing company (The Spectator)'s private plane. Many "Fifty Shades" fans might have seen in him Anastasia Steele's Mr Grey in that scene.

"Hey, if they ask me to come and read, I would definitely do so. I don't even know what the character is like; I haven't read anything or heard anything about it!" The actor continued. After realizing during the interview that lots of sex scenes and sadomasochism figure in the plot, Crawford played it cool.

"I am only comfortable with S&M sex scenes! The other ones are just too simple and boring for me," he joked. Then he said, ""I actually think, whether it is a sex scene, or screaming at something to get something across. I think it is kind of attacked the same way, and you're in the work mode, and you stay professional. It has never been awkward or intimidating."

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Crawford's statement seems to be telling Archibald is ready to take on the Man of Steel (Henry Cavill in Superman 2013) and Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer in White Collar) and win the play Christian Grey challenge. What do you think - does Crawford have the eyes, hair, gorgeously-toned body, and sexy billionaire vibe of the hero in E.L. James' erotic series? (Crawford has not been clean-shaven lately, by the way.)

Crawford is probably not aware that even before he could know more about Christian Grey, Australian actress Lauren Watson has already pegged him for the role. Watson herself has earlier expressed interest in playing Anastasia Steele. She has also considered some potential Mr Grays. "I'm a big fan of Chace Crawford. He could play anyone and it would work for me! I really like Matt Bomers look and Jessie Pavelka is another top candidate for me when I think of Christian's physical image," Watson said

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