"Fifty Shades Lingerie And Toys Launched: Ignite The Inner Anastasia Steele Within" [PHOTOS of Lingerie]

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Want to unleash your inner Goddess the Anastasia Steele way?  BlueBella, a sensual lingerie maker from England is launching Fifty Shades of Grey Lingerie Collection. For the adventurous ones, the company is also selling sex-toys straight from Christian Grey's hidden wardrobe!

The sensual range will include men's cotton 'Christian Grey' boxers, sensual camisole and shorts sets, baby doll sets and lace button-up briefs, embroidered ribbon tie briefs and trio underwear gift sets featuring some of the bestselling book's most memorable catchphrases like "laters baby" and "oh my."

The summer 2014 launch of lingerie will strategically coincide with the launch of the erotic trilogy's anticipated first film, to be directed by artist and film-maker Sam Taylor-Johnson.

However the company has no intents to keep the Grey fans waiting and is coming up with autumn 13 gift range, which will be available from August. The range, represented by David Finlayson of APM Agency, will be debuted at the Moda tradeshow in Birmingham August 11 to 13, according to Drapers Online.

"We all absolutely love E L James' tale of Christian and Ana and we know how much all our friends and customers do too.  We have seen first-hand the extraordinary effect this fabulous book has had on women everywhere and, as the company who know women and their likes and delights best of all, we knew we would be the best placed to bring this iconic brand to life in lingerie!," the company said on its website.

 "We believe every woman should confidently embrace and enjoy her sensuality and the Fifty Shades of Grey books have played a significant role in shifting perceptions of female sensuality. This is core to our vision too, so we feel this is a perfect partnership," BlueBella CEO Emily Bendell said on the website's press release.

The 11 piece collection has wholesale prices ranging from £4.80 to £16 with a mark-up of 2.5.

BlueBella also has online presence and is selling Christian Grey's sex toys collection online with catchy phrases from the novel. Some of the listed sensual toys are "Soft Satin Padded Blindfold Twin Pack in Silver and Black," followed by the scene where it was used.

"He reaches down, lifts my chin, and plants a soft kiss on my lips before slipping the blindfold over my eyes. I can see nothing. Oh my. I'm so aroused... already. I am ready, eager to feel his touch." ( Lines from the novel)

Other articles on sale include "Soft Feather Tickler," "Soft Limits," "Twitchy Palms," "Charlie Tango," "Submit to Me," among many others. 

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