‘Fifty Shades’ Jamie Dornan Stars in New TV Series ‘New Worlds’

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Jamie Dornan of "Fifty Shades of Grey" fame has bid farewell to his leather whip to play rebel Abe Goffe in UK's Channel 4 new drama series "New Worlds," which is set in England of 1680s. The historical new drama premiered on Tuesday, April 1, and it is seen as a sequel to the 2008 drama, "The Devil's Whore."

In the new series, Dornan's character plays a young idealistic renegade who will stop at nothing to end the monarchy's tyrannical rule. The Irish actor is portraying a role which is completely opposite of serial killer, Paul Spector, in "The Fall." Dornan believes that  young people of today can relate to the story of the new British period drama. 

"I think the themes of "New Worlds" are all ones that young people watching the drama can relate to," says Dornan, as quoted by Mail Online. "They still feel enraged about the same injustices, although I like to think in England people now are treated with greater decency and things aren't as brutal and bloody as they were at that time."

Penned and created by Peter Flannery, the new series features a four-part-run that will cover the story of the lewd Nell Gwyn and the end of Cromwellian austerity. "New Worlds is a compelling drama capturing the political struggles of the period following the English Civil War both at home and overseas," says Chaneel 4's head of drma Piers Wenger.

"The combination of Peter and Martine's scripts and Charles Martin's direction has attracted a diverse and glittering cast and we're greatly looking forward to seeing their work brought to the screen," Wenger adds.

When asked about playing a new character and filming in two different locations, Dornan reveals that playing an outlaw is a lot of fun. "I loved all that running through woods with guns, arrows, unwashed hair and your band of mates indulging your inner Robin Hood! Everyone got on really well on set so we had a good laugh," says the actor in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Writing about the new period drama after its premiere, The Guardian writer, David Stubbs, says that the first episode of the new series is "visually ravishing" but "viscerally brutal." "New Worlds" also stars "Game of Thrones" actor Joe Dempsie, "Skins" Freya Mavor and Alice Englert.

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