‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Star Jamie Dornan Admits 'He's No Hugh Grant' Plus Talks About the Last Time He was Angry

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Playing the famous Christian Grey is no walk in a park and "Fifty Shades of Grey" star Jamie Dornan admits that he is no Hugh Grant. The actor landed one of the biggest role of his acting career when he was casted as one of the lead in E.L. James book adaptation.

The Northern Irish actor used to model before he tried his luck in acting, he was known for his role as Sheriff Graham Humbert in ABC's hit TV show "Once Upon a Time" and serial killer Paul Spector in the BBC Two crime drama series "The Fall."

The gorgeous model turned actor recently answered some questions during an interview with Elle Magazine and he admits that he has gotten a lot of other projects after landing the titular role in "Fifty Shades." The new dad is set to star for "New Worlds," a British historical drama which needs him to do a British accent.

"I've lived in London for over 11 years, so I've been around that accent a lot. Although, maybe when the show comes out it'll be so bad they'll have dubbed Hugh Grant over the top," quipped the actor to the British magazine.

Although he previously admitted worrying about his talent, the actor's confidence is now up and soaring with numerous projects landing on his lap. But he never likes talking about how he view himself and admits that things are doing incredibly well with his career.

"There's no way of me answering that without sounding like a d**k! Look, I wouldn't waste my time doing something if I didn't think I had the capability," explained the actor. "I've always wanted to act, but a lot of things need to be aligned; you need to get a little luck and you need that platform to prove you can act."

He also admits being angry recently because of watching rugby. Watching sporting events with his friends is what he does when he not starring opposite two gorgeous women like Gillian and Dakota. "Watching Ireland play rugby. I got very angry because we lost - I was heartbroken. I get bad road rage as well; a lot of swearing!" he revealed during the interview.

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