'Fifty Shades of Grey' New Movie Poster: Jamie Dornan Gets Wet Under the Rain! [PHOTOS]

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The new movie poster for the movie adaptation of the best selling novel "Fifty Shades of Grey" by E.L James has been released. What do fans say about it? Nothing much actually, the poster is a minimalist look on the lead character Christian Grey. Grey who is the philandering, sado-masochist billionaire is seen staring out over his empire.

A simple yet intriguing poster it is, but fans are asking for a more erotic poster. On the good side, Dornan who plays the lead role in the movie was spotted filming a scene under the pouring rain. It certainly didn't make him any less hot.

The "Fifty Shades of Grey" star was seen frolicking in the icy rains of Vancouver but was still able to look sensual enough for the cameras. The 29 year old spent the day running and jogging in various locations, presumably to prepare for his racy role as the sado-masochist billionaire in the movie. With a role that will show a lot of skin, Dornan really had the foresight to keep his body in a toned figure-as if his bod was not toned enough.

The lighthearted 29-year old greeted fans and even signed autographs despite being drenched in the rain. Dornan kept it warm by drinking a hot beverage while striking a conversation with director Sam Taylor-Johnson, the wife of "Kickass" actor Aaron Johnson. Dornan was also spotted to be playing with a dog, yet it is not clear if it was the same dog his onscreen partner doted on.

Dornan kept it cool even when part of the crew decided to play a prank on the handsome actor. Presumably a production assistant or stylist sprayed fresh water on the already drench actor. He just laughed it off, and even made a few jokes about it.

His onscreen partner just cozied up while in the set. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are said to have shelved the erotic scenes in the book, preferring to act in more sensual and sexually-implicit scenes. Furthermore, according to reports, the actor wants the movie to be as close as it can get to the book although director Sam Taylor-Johnson disagrees with such idea.

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