‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie is More Romance than Sex-iness?

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The erotic novel that captivated the world over its extreme masochist and sadist story about hunky billionaire, Christian Grey is currently in the process of its movie adaptation.

Fans were excited to know that there would be a movie but they were also concerned as to how the producers and directors of this erotic novel turned movie would include the scenes that include a lot of "red room pain."

According to "Cosmopolitan," the movie adaptation of E.L James' novel will be focusing on the romantic aspect of the book instead of the sex and raunchiness of the book. Universal Studios released a sneak peak of the movie at Cinemacon and critics were fascinated by the romantic aspect that the producers and directors had created from the two characters: Christian Grey and Anatasia Steele.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are said to have amazing chemistry together. The footage provided by Universal Studios at Cinemacon will not be available on anywhere as there were strict media restrictions to it.

The Hollywoodreporter.com had mentioned saying:

"The film looks to be more romantic than sexual, rather than fill the five-minute teaser with the sex that made the books by British author E.L. James so popular, the studio went against expectations and highlighted the romance between the two leads." 

Fans are excited for the movie and so far the hype it has built especially with news that the movie is a great watch rather than a sex-filled movie is something that fans of the book cannot wait to see.

Fans are also expecting to see a bit of serious sexy scenes from the characters. It is after all one of the few reasons why "Fifty Shades of Grey," is one of the best selling erotic novels. Let's see if Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele can catch both our hearts and our fantasies. 

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