'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Casting: 'Twilight' Robert Pattinson Initially Up for Christian Grey Part [PHOTOS]

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"Twilight's" Robert Pattinson could have had a shot as Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey" after all. Writer Bret Easton Ellis confirms the rumours of E.L. James first choices in his latest interview. If things went well a few months back, Robert Pattinson could have nabbed the part of Christian Grey.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" started out as a "Twilight" fan fiction with its lead characters inspired by Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. It's not surprising that the stars that had portrayed the "Twilight" couple would then be eyed for the lead roles in the film adaptation of the erotica novels.

Robert Pattinson had initially been eyed by fans for the part of Christian Grey. So has it that author E.L. James also had her eye out for the British hunk. Writer Bret Easton Ellis proved in his Twitter statement that the rumours of Pattinson being initially eyed for the part were indeed true.

"Talked to E.L. James at a party over the summer: her first choice for Christian was Rob Pattinson. She and I were at Rob Pattinson's house when she admitted that Rob was first choice for Christian. When E.L. James asked me who I thought should be Christian I said 'James Deen, of course,' and then she shoved me. We were both very wasted," stated Ellis on his Twitter account.

Obviously, James didn't have it her way with the casting given the production studio gave the roles out to two "unknown" Hollywood stars, Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson. What happened to casting Robert Pattinson? Either the production studio didn't have the budget to hire a big shot Hollywood star or Stephanie Meyer's diss at James made her rethink her choices.

Fans simply have to swallow the whole thing down and accept the fact that Robert Pattinson or other favourites for the role won't be playing Christian Grey.

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