'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Casting: Ian Somerhalder Opens Up on Christian Grey Role [PHOTOS]


"Vampire Diaries" star, Ian Somerhalder is back in the game and is ruling a lot of web polls for the role of Christian Grey. After losing for a while to "White Collar" star, Matt Bomer, Ian is once again a fan favourite for the "Fifty Shades of Grey" role. 

Many "Vampire Diaries" stars are eager to see the 34-year old actor, Ian Somerhalder, be chosen to portray Christian Grey in the film adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey." Blame E.L. James for retweeting a photo of Somerhalder wearing a mask complete with a Christian Grey quote on Twitter. All thanks to that, Ian has once again been eyed for the role of Grey.

Not that Somerhalder has a problem with the pressure.

In fact, the Salvatore brother is anything but embarrassed. Back in 2012, Somerhalder had expressed interest in the racy role and had been helping himself out to nab the role. Writer, Brett Easton Ellis, had even managed to help out Somerhalder in gaining more votes for the role of Grey.

With the month of April now in starter bloom, Somerhalder continues to be fan favourite for the role even without Ellis' help. Fans are giving Somerhalder a helping hand in nabbing the role of Christian. Despite Somerhalder winning and topping a lot of polls, the "Vampire Diaries" star remains humble especially when it comes to interview questions bordering on "Fifty Shades."

Somerhalder has been coy in answering "Fifty Shades" questions claiming that "almost every guy in Hollywood, in some way or form, is up for the role" which is entirely true. In fact, Jessie Pavelka and Stephen Amell are two new names in the mix who have propelled to the top of web polls all thanks to their drool-worthy bodies.

While fan polls can only get Somerhalder at one point, flattery can win Ian a lot of points. In an interview, Ian Somerhalder went up a notch in complimenting "Fifty Shades of Grey" author, E.L. James.

"I just think E L James created this really bad ass, dynamic set of stories. Some really cool characters. A treat at times, a little uncomfortable at times," explained Somerhalder.

Surprisingly, that was all Somerhalder has managed to say about the role. Fans can only hope the 34-year old star does manage to get the role of Christian Grey.

Check out the slideshow to see more of Ian Somerhalder.

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